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All platters can be customised to your request.
All the prices mentioned are starting price for each platter.
24 hours prior notice required.
Delivery available within Colombo city limits (charges applicable).

Savoury Platters
Small Platter (32pcs) Rs. 1900
Small Platter - Veg (32pcs) Rs. 1820
Large Platter (54pcs) Rs. 3220
Submarine Platters
Small Platter (15pcs) Rs. 2350
Large Platter (30pcs) Rs. 4700
Sweet Platters
Medium Size (Large - 40pcs) Rs. 2780
Cocktail Size (Large - 100pcs) Rs. 5000
Sandwich Platters
Small Platter (20pcs) Rs. 1150
Large Platter (40pcs) Rs. 2300
Mini Hot dog Platters
Chicken Sausage Hot dogs (20pcs) Rs. 1400
Wrap Platters
Veggie Platter (48 Half Wraps) Rs. 3000
Non-Veggie Platter (48 Half Wraps) Rs. 3360
Mixed Platters
Savouries & Sandwiches (32pcs) Rs. 2310
Savouries & Sandwiches (54cs) Rs. 3360
Mini Burger Platters
Small Platter (20pcs) Rs. 2800
Doughnut Platters
Small Platter (20pcs) Rs. 2400

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