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Sri Lanka is a very unique country

A country where its citizens appreciate the good & simple things in life. We grew up in a time where the humble baker sold memories to several families, it wasn’t all about the baked goods, It was about the value it had as food and as something that bonded us around our meal time. From the humble kade paan to the sugar coated kimbula bannis, all is nothing but treasure sewn into our very fabric of life.

In June 2012, we opened our very first outlet with a simple mission to bring the same memories we shared with our families years ago to you and yours. Crafting each baked good with recipes ranging from modern to traditional, all while making sure nutrition was on point.

We take our breads seriously and from every single loaf to baked good, all is quality checked to ensure you are given nothing but the best.


A good year had passed and we felt the need to expand. Our Alfred House Outlet was set up and it was only soon enough that more citizens were enjoying wholesome baked goodness and breads. But we were missing something - The humble sandwich!

We sourced out the right places for the freshest local produce and set up our first sandwich bar which was an instant hit! From the classic cheese & tomato, to a refreshing chicken salad sandwich made in minutes, you are sure to find a favorite there.


We believe that food you eat, makes the person you are and almost every baked good should remind you that you are never far from home. Havelock Road, was the ideal hotspot to bring our signature wholesome goodness to you, if you were on the go. Our first ‘kiosk’ outlet, this is also where you could get a freshly made sandwich in minutes whilst picking up a platter or an order.


‘A Platter For Every Occasion’

This simple innovation, unique to us was created with you in mind to make your everyday business meetings, birthday parties, special tea dates, iftar, Christmas, Avrudhu and other special gatherings an easy one for you, even if you were the health conscious type, a vegetarian or were only wanting sweets.
Thank you for making this a hit with you!


As our families grew, so did our passion to try out newer things!

Sometimes barbeque family lunches & dinners in our island were ever so popular and we wanted to bring that wholesome experience to you, our customer. So we opened ‘The Grill’ which is part of our Lorensz road outlet where you can enjoy cold, freshly pressed juices whilst relishing fresh off the grill family favorites like burgers and submarines. We’ve got a variety for everyone, from vegetarians, pescatarians and meat lovers.

The same year saw social media and equally, gyms in and around Colombo with people wanting to be fit and stay fit. Filling the void for healthy food, be it for treats or for an occasion, was us with our Low Calorie Platters made with the freshest breads and local produce.


Here we still are, 4 outlets strong and thanks to you, we’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

We’d like to share with you, another year of memories in the form of fresh baked goodness that will be as close as family to you. We are constantly striving to bring you the best and would love your feedback if you’ve got any.

Paan Paan (logo) is a registered trade mark of Lanka Premier Foods (Pvt) Ltd